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Chaos Interview

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Vayse guys, Hine and Buckley.

We get into a lot of cool stuff......


When Hine and Buckley had the idea to start a podcast about weird stuff in order to re-evaluate their reality this was the exact thing they had in mind. Mark Vincent is a man of many disciplines and much discipline - chaos magician, hypnotist, drummer, Lavey Satanist and purveyor of mind-blowing ideas. What was intended to be a discussion about chaos magic quickly spins off-track and takes a fascinating detour through the hard problem of consciousness, assembly theory, overcoming chronic pain and the pervasive nature of trance in occult practice. If you come away from listening to this episode with your idea of reality intact, then maybe you don't really exist at all... Recorded 21 November 2022.

Listen to the episode HERE

In Chaos.......

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2023

Very interesting. One question though. You say that the unconscious does not understand words. Hence the use of sigils. But, you are a hypnotherapist and therefore use words to communicate with the unconscious of patients. Is there then a mechanism for translating words into symbols?

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