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New To Sigil Magic? This is the most important question you can ask....

When first learning sigil magic, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is that of truly knowing what you want.

In my book The Sigil Secret I outline a series of questions called the protocol of 6 x 3.

There is one question in this protocol that is more important than all the others:

"What is Stopping me?"

Most of the things you’ve ever wanted in your life are staring you in the face, it’s just that there is part of you that stops you taking it.

That part is the animalistic part of your brain, the part that I refer to as the mammoth.

In order to truly find out what is stopping you you have to engage the mammoth and really pay attention to the animalistic part of your brain and listen to what it’s saying to you.

Normally it’s saying that you’re afraid and that you’re going to fail.

This is because this part of the brain is trying to protect you and keep you safe.

Take a pen and paper, write down some things you think you want and then ask yourself what’s stopping me? I think you’ll find the answers revealing....

Until next time....


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