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The Chaos Chamber

Sigil Magic, Chaos Magic and Your Mind

Nothing is real, everything is permitted.

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Book Now Released!

Very Excited to Announce Mark's Book is now Released

Mark Vincent Smith has been teaching chaos magic, informed by hypnosis and psychological research, for over ten years. He is one of Treadwell's most sought-after instructors, with his sigil magic and 'results magic' courses achieving legendary status. He has now put his unique approach into print, and this set includes the book The Sigil Secret: Using Magic Symbols to Protect, Heal and Create. Second is a pad of 50 worksheets, and third is the full colour laminated table of correspondences. As with all Mark's work, it is hands-on, focused and completely geared to results. 

Palaysia, 2021. Hardback, 128 pages. New.  Pad has 50 sheets. Correspondence sheet is full-colour, double sided. 

Click here to Buy Directly on Treadwell's Website

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"I found Mark's spell class super-engaging. He is brilliant at sharing his knowledge and highlighting the grounded and practical aspects of magic with much rooted in psychology. I enjoyed his fresh, joyful perspective on bringing one's desired outcomes to life.
Thank you Mark!"


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Welcome to The Chaos Chamber

Nothing is real, everything is permitted

I'm Mark Vincent, a hypnotherapist, musician and magician. Here you'll find my blog, and links to my workshops and private bookings. You can see my blog posts below, and in the menu on top of the page there is a link to my bookings. 

This link will take you to Treadwell's Bookshop, and you can book me via their website. If you need to know more about me, check out my testimonials just below this site section.

During 2021 my book will be released, and when it is, on the shop link in the menu you'll be able to purchase it.

You can also purchase t-shirts and other curated items in my shop, all designed in house. 

At the very bottom of this page you can subscribe to my newsletter, as well as send me a message.

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Anyone who is even vaguely interested in magic will know the power of symbols. The gift of a class with Mark is he doesn't just show you how to create a Sigil, he pierces through all illusion and confusion to explain why it works. You leave a class with Mark feeling your atoms rearranged, your mind and psyche re-tuned. His laser beam approach to get right to the core of the matter wakes you up, strips away the dross and connects you to the clarity of your own energetic reality. Understanding how the brain works paired with his magical scholarship gives you the tools to unfold yourself & take back the reins to your own life. Perhaps it to could be said his classes have less to do with creating enchantments and more to do with breaking them and waking up to access what is latent. There is an old saying in fairy-tales if you can't articulate your desire you don't deserve to have them. Mark gives you the tools to just that articulation.



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"The sigils did not let me down once. I can definitely see how the most important part of the whole practice is answering to the questions in the protocol, at the same time the sigils themselves are great to defang my anxious brain. I made several sigils since the first time I followed the course. "


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Thanks for your interest in The Chaos Chamber. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon! You can get in touch via this form to the right, or send me an email to this address:

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